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Remanon opening for Haken - Photo Recap 

Back in September we were blown away by Haken and Thank You Scientist. Even better is that we got to open the show. Thanks to all the prog fans that came out! #remanon #haken #thankyouscientist #therockbox #sanantonio

Remanon show recap, opening for Heyoka at Sam's Burger Joint 

Our show opening for Heyoka at Sam's Burger Joint was another phenomenal experience. We really felt the love of S.A.'s prog loving community. Thanks so much to everyone that came up to shake our hands and compliment our set, and of course we are so grateful to the members and management of Heyoka for trusting us to help entertain their crowd.

One of the best results of the evening perhaps is represented in this screen shot from FB. Yes Michael, "Prog Lives in San Antonio"!

Photos below provided by our pal and fellow musician, Allan Linkous.

Remanon at 502 Bar, RECAP 

Our first local show of 2016 was Rema-rific! So great to share the stage FINALLY with local metal heavyweights, Deadpool AND to have our ProgMetal brothers from Victoria, TX, Vincent's Betrayal in town to join us.  Here are just a few pics. Thanks to everyone who came out, and to the great staff at 502!

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Rema-ween fun at Sam's Burger Joint 


"Episodes" Tour mini- Recap 

Here is a smattering of pics that represent some of our time on the glorious road. In case you hadn't heard, we went on our first tour, and that tour led us up to Kansas City, MO. Special thanks to our super buds in After Nations (google it now) for showing us an excellent time and hosting us in posh fashion in KC.  We also want to thank all of you who so generously donated to our paypal account, and at our fundraiser show. Those funds really went a long way to making our first tour a success! We met some amazingly talented musicians, street folk, and music lovers. PROG!

Enjoy these pics, and if you're on Instagram find us @remanonjams for more visuals.


Remanon at The Aztec Theatre - Show Recap 

Last night was a true milestone in Remanon's musical journey. Thank you so much to everyone who made it possible...too many to name, but of course we are extremely grateful to Heyoka for giving us the opportunity to be part of their historic comeback show.
Thanks to our supporters, family, and friends for filling up the Aztec Theatre, and thanks to Robbs MetalWorks for covering our performance.  Check back here to see the video and interview from Robbs Metalworks once it is released.

Here are some pics and video...just a taste of this phenomenal affair.

photo credit: Robbs MetalWorks

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Twitter: @remanonjams


A Note of thanks to Boozehounds...EP Release Recap 

This is about a week late, but we really wanted to give props to the staff at Boozehounds for hosting a killer night at our "Episodes" EP Release show last weekend. Sound was great, a sweet light show...and of course the BOOZE!
If you've never seen a show there, you really should make a visit. check them out on Facebook

We also want to thank our pals in All Sides Equal and Anova Skyway for joining us on this special night, and of course major thanks to our friends/family/fans that came out in force to support and bought a copy of our new release "Episodes"!
We have more pics (and video) to share, but you will need to have patience young Padawans.

Chris Pistorio Benefit Show Recap 

Last weekend we were honored to perform at the benefit show for our comrade in music, Chris Pistorio.  Special thanks to the venue FItzgerald's, Kassie Green, and all of the volunteers and bands that made it happen. It was great to see so many local artists in one spot. We wish Chris a speedy and complete recovery.